Oral presentations

A regular oral presentation is 15 minutes per speaker (including questions and discussion). All presentation should be given in English.The lecture rooms are fully equipped with a computer, projector and mirophones. There will be no time to upload your presentation during the sessions. You can therefore upload your presentation before the 1st session or during the break/lunch before your session. Please be on time and do not forget to inform your session chair about your presence. We would really appreciate your presence during the complete session so we can reschedule presentations in case other presenters do not show up. 

Poster presentations

The 1st poster session is on Thursday afternoon. This is for all poster with an even number. You can pick up special tape at the registration desk and hang them during lunch. Hang your poster on the board with the number that correspond with your abstract tracking number.

The posters for the 2nd  session, the odd numbers, on Friday morning can be hung up before 10 o’clock. Please stand next to your poster to answer any questions.

There will be a public election for the Best Poster Award. For each session a Mentimeter code will be presented on screens and boards. All attendees can choose 1 best poster for each session.

On Friday afternoon the best 3 poster candidates are invited to give a 1-minute pitch and the winner will also  be chosen by all the attendees via Mentimeter. The award will be hand over in the closure session.

The maximum size of the posters may be A0 and the orientation should be portrait.

Tips for a good poster can be found at:

Not more than two platform presentations by the same author will be accepted.